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Enrollment in "R" Emergency Response Program is FREE!

R” program provides members with priority in the event of all emergency situations from fires, wind storm damage, floods, pipe breaks, and any other catastrophic events. Upon notification, our fully equipped restoration specialists and project managers will respond within minutes. Simply put, we will get you back in your home or business as quickly as possible.

At TQR we are proud to offer “R” Commitment to you, our client. No one can predict when a disaster can occur, but proper planning is essential in the event of a loss. “R” program is designed to allow our company to build a relationship with you and allow us to familiarize ourselves with your property. The day after a disaster when you are under tremendous stress is not time to search for a restoration contractor or emergency response team.

You will receive this treatment because you have established a relationship and agreement with the “R” Program. Once enrolled, you will receive an “R” ID Card. In the event of an emergency, contact the telephone number on the ID Card and provide the operator with your “R” ID and the details of the emergency. The details of your file will be accessed and our Emergency Response Team will be dispatched within minutes to secure your property.

Emergency Response


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